Thursday 3 August 2017

Episode 34 - wine with Bob Evans part two

This week we chat to ARIA Award winner Bob Evans (Kevin Mitchell from Jebediah).

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You can find out more about Bob Evans on his website,  Facebook Twitter, and listen to his very entertaining podcast on iTunes or on his website.

This episode is a little heavier than the previous - we chat social good, slacktivism, the value of art and have a random threesome.

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Kevin has co-founded a charity called Music with Mates - a charity helping migrants connect in the community through music  Kevin believes the music scene is welcoming, and shows Australia is a welcoming, inclusive country - and we do too.

We'd love you to spread the word to migrant communities.

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Carly met Shane from Sydney through Bob Evans  - he's now a fan of our podcast

Interview with Lenore Taylor from The Guardian at Progress2017  

Carly meeting Jack Jones

Rebecca Sparrow Ask Me Anything 

Bobcast with Scott Ludlum - talking about streaming services 

This is part two of our chat. Listen to part one here.

Thanks for your time Kevin!

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