Monday, 20 November 2017

Episode 41 - rocky roads lead to happiness

In this episode, we gorge on Tess Woods' home made rocky road. Thanks Tess! We also talk about the limitations of men's clothing (Jason is exclusively dressed by Blazer - he wants to be on their design team), we find out the definition of a laundry list, the pair muse over what type of museum they would have, talk books and podcasts, and lament the hotels and planes that don't have free wifi.

You can't be sure where the conversation will go but there will always be refreshments provided.

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Can You Feel It? - Pauline Findlay

Love and Radio podcast - Photo Chemical
Photobooth graphic novel by Meags Fitzgerald

Strangers podcast - Do you like my little lie? (content warning: graphic violence)

Death Sex and Money podcast

Turbitt and Duck podcast and Facebook page

Rebecca from Borrowbox and Bolinda's Instagram

Why We Eat What We Eat podcast

The Household Guide to Dying - Debra Adelaide 

Breakfast, Schoolrun, Chemo - Julia Watson

Julia Watson and Meshel Laurie podcast 

Call Me By Your Name - Andre Aciman

Rosie Waterland 

Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man 

Carly meeting Jimmy Barnes

Sunday Night podcast 

Article about Wil Anderson commenting on podcasts being made by big business 

Victoria Police Unspeakable podcast 

The Good Place 

Will and Grace 2017 

Dynasty 2017 

Stranger Things

Best rocky road ever!

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Episode 40 - Donate Life #ThankYouDay

This is a special episode with our dear friend Camille Condon to discuss Donate Life #ThankYouDay. Donate Life Thank You Day is a day especially to thank donors, their families and medical professionals who make organ donation possible. One organ donor can change the lives of up to 10 people.

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Camille is a double lung transplant recipient and does a lot in the community to support other transplant patients and their families. She is Vice President of the Heart and Lung Transplant Trust of Victoria (HLTTV) - a trust that supports transplant patients and their families - removing the financial stress just a little. She has created a calendar featuring her dog Wally and other dogs of transplant recipients to raise funds for the HLTTV - buy it here.

Camille (and everyone that knows her) is so thankful to her donor and their family for giving her the gift of life.

From the Donate Life website:

"Sunday 19 November 2017 is DonateLife Thank You Day – a national day dedicated to honouring all organ and tissue donors and their families.
Help us promote awareness of the day in your workplace, your school and your community. The Thank You Day Supporter Kit has a range of ideas and resources to get you started – including posters to download and display, online banners and social media content. Download your Supporter Kit today 

Each year, living and deceased donors and their families save and transform the lives of thousands of Australians through the gift of organ and tissue donation.
Thank You Day is a time for the community to come together and say ‘thank you’ to all donors and their families, whose stories inspire us to register at and discuss our donation decisions. 
It’s also an opportunity to acknowledge our donation and transplantation specialists, joined by many other health professionals, who care for our donors, recipients and their families."
Please consider becoming an organ and tissue donor, and register your decision on the Donate Life website. Don't forget to tell your loved ones of your wishes to be a donor. 

Bacon Jam!! 

Find Camille on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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Monday, 6 November 2017

Episode 39 - an invoice for $88

In this episode, Carly clears her debts, Jason has recovered from the man flu, Carly embarrassingly fangirled over Annabel Crabb and Jason went to Brisbane to go restaurant hopping and made AB a birthday cake in the Virgin Lounge. Jason accidentally dropped the C bomb, and is sick of podcasts talking about the Bachelorette.

You can't be sure where the conversation will go but there will always be refreshments provided.

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Show notes
200 Women Book 

200 Women listening room at the Opera House

Carly's selfie with Annabel Crabb

Twitter employee shuts down Donald Trump's account 

Butter shortage

Jason's Brisbane trip

Burger Project 
(There's one in St Collins Lane and Melbourne Central.)

Japanese bento


AB's birthday cake in the Virgin Lounge

Refreshment - bunny egg and nori rolls


Sophie Monk mid "faaarrrk"


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Monday, 9 October 2017

Episode 38 - We need an on air sign to tell the traffic to shoosh

In this episode, we continue discussing Carly's bum, Jason doesn't know who Placebo is, we talk about fake news, rave about Tess Woods' book again, and talk high brow and low brow movies. The traffic procession outside the recording studio was so loud we need an on air sign to tell the traffic to shoosh.

You can't be sure where the conversation will go but there will always be refreshments provided

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Bangarra Dance Theatre - Bennelong 


The Beatles First Five 

Get Krackin' 

The Wrong Girl 

Sisters TV show

Benjamin Law's Quarterly Essay

Richard Fidler interview with Ben Law 

Tess Woods Beautiful Messy Love 

Bill Hayes - Insomniac City - New York, Oliver and Me

Danzy Senna - New People 

David Roland - How I Rescued My Brain 

Pretty for an Aboriginal podcast 

Helen Garner - Joe Cinque's Consolation 

Joe Cinque's Consolation film 

Mission Impossible 5 

Cold Zone

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Episode 37 - Double denim disaster, visible panty network and zero feta

In this episode Carly and Jason go on big tangents. 

From dramatic pauses, cupcakes from the cupboard and Sydney food, to first mobile phones and a visible panty network, this episode has everything you need to make you LOL. 

Jason also has an epic marriage equality soapbox moment which is a must listen. And Carly just wants feta with her breakfast. The big issues people, the big issues. 

We are eating cake and talking shit like we always do.

You can't be sure where the conversation will go but there will always be refreshments provided

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OzPod with Richard Fidler and Jenn White

How to listen to podcasts 

History of mobile phones 

Vegan ginger cupcakes with sesame praline (recipe in development)

Food porn from Koi Dessert Bar

Green noodles like playdough 

Thai Patong 

Grounds of Alexandria

The Winery

Gelato Messina

Bourke St Bakery 

Tivoli Road Bakery 

Tivoli Road book

Hannah Gadsby interview with Leigh Sales

Seriously what was Jason thinking with this jacket?!?!?!

Jason loves his new jeans! 

Putting jeans in freezer

Madonna holiday shirt 

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Episode 36 It's a Yes for Marriage Equality

This episode is all about marriage equality so we open the mic to our listeners for their opinions and Jason calls his dad.

You can't be sure where the conversation will go but there should always be equality.....and refreshments provided! 
A huge thank you to our listeners who shared their stories 

Please don't forget to complete your Australian Marriage Law Postal survey and get it into a post box. 

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Show notes: 

Love does not discriminate
Love can happen to anyone 
                                   - Somewhere in Europe by Nikke Allen 

Jason was such the perfect groomsman that Carly is desperate to be his bridesmaid (groomsmaid??)

Lifeline 13 11 14

Nutty christmas cake

Melbourne City Mission

Message from a listener :
"Hi Carly and Jason,

Noticed your request for soundbites about marriage equality. My partner and I are not out so I can't send you my voice, but if you're interested feel free to check out my statement below.

Love your advocacy work. thanks so much for being who you are and doing what you do. I've learnt heaps from you.

What marriage equality means to me:

Until not long ago I saw myself as a straight ally to the LGBTIQA community. While I never felt strictly straight, I enjoyed plenty of hetero-privilege on account of being a woman married to man. We have two kids, life in the 'burbs, the works.

Then my spouse realised they are in fact a trans woman.

When one person in an established, long term relationship realizes they're trans, it can obviously be a game changer for the relationship. Luckily for me, my partner is an amazing, beautiful person who loves me with all their heart; they are the least selfish person I know, who has shown me an unconditional love I didn't even know existed. Luckily for them, I'm a left-y feminist with very little attachment to prescribed gender roles. After the initial shock of their coming out (and it was a huge shock) had worn off, I realised that the things I cherish most about my spouse and our relationship have no relation whatsoever to them being masculine. We're together, and intend on staying that way.

Yet I remain wracked with anxiety. To the point where I'm struggling to parent, to work, and to generally get out of bed in the morning. The reason I feel like this is because we live in a homophobic and transphobic society. I can honestly say, that if society was cool with queer couples and trans people, then my spouse's transition would pose very little issue for me.

My husband becoming my wife is not an issue - in fact, I'm looking forward to a happier, healthier spouse - the problem is bigotry. The marriage equality "debate" is bringing that bigotry to my newsfeed every day. The things they're saying about our children are the most difficult to hear. The knowledge that our children will one day hear those things about their family has me in tears just writing this.

If marriage equality doesn't pass, and my spouse changes their gender on their birth certificate to reflect the reality that they're a woman, then we will have to get divorced. That's right Tony, by not legalizing SSM you're FORCING the biological parents of existing children to GET DIVORCED.

I realise our situation is in the minority within the LGBTIQA community. I realise we already have a huge amount of privilege on account of being white and middle class. At the same time, trans issues are not really being heard in the debate, and I wanted to make sure a few got heard."

"I think that it should've been solved by a free vote in parliament but since that can't happen because of stupid politics, I think everyone should just vote yes. For many many reasons – whether you're progressive or conservative. For me the issue is personal – I have friends and family who would love to get legally married but can't because of the current situation. It sucks. I think it's stupid that an opposite sex relationship (e.g. Self and boyfriend) is recognised more than a same-sex one (if my partner was a woman). 😡