Monday, 17 July 2017

Episode 32 - "I'm just playing with something cos you're a bit boring"

In this episode, Carly and Jason catch up after a long time between podcasts. They talk about the books, movies and TV they've consumed lately. Jason tells Carly she's boring! They enjoy a Champagne.

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Carly has a book deal
Mariah Carey Hero
Darren Hayes Hero
Måns Zelmerlöw Heroes Eurovision 2015
Fidget spinner
Barely Famous 
The Family Law
Filthy rich and homeless 
The Handmaid's Tale
Terrace House 
Terrace House Mafia podcast 
Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
Dare to be Kind by Lizzie Velasquez
Bad Feminist and Hunger by Roxane Gay
The Good Girl Stripped Bare by Tracey Spicer 
The Hate Race by Maxine Beneba Clarke
Foreign Soil by Maxine Beneba Clarke
It's not a race podcast 
The Gulf by Anna Spargo Ryan 
Bear otter and the kid by TJ Clune 
Women of the hour podcast 

Episode 31 - part two with Sandra Reynolds

This is part two of our chat with Sandra Reynolds from the $120 Food Challenge.

We chat Instagram perfection, the things we should have learnt at school and say if you're thinking about cooking, to just give it a go. Sandra baked us a delicious passionfruit sponge cake. We said we'd link to food safety standards, so here they are.

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Listen to part one of our chat with Sandra here.

Find Sandra on her blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Episode 30 - Live episode and You Can't Ask That

This is our live episode! We had so much fun! Thanks to the people who came to Hares and Hyenas to watch You Can't Ask That and to watch the live podcast. We had Auslan interpreters thanks to Arts Access Victoria. A lot of laughs were had. Also, isn't this the best public toilet in Melbourne?!

In this episode, Jason asks Carly what her vagina looks like, Carly's mum chats about raising Carly, and Ellen also talks about her experience on the show.

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You Can't Ask That - facial differences episode

Ellen's Facebook page

Belinda's Facebook page

Robert Hoge

Article from Daily Life about You Can't Ask That

Demure scandal pictures from Border Mail

Jason's disaster cheesecake 

Arts Access Victoria

Ellen hated 50 Shades of Grey

Carly wants to thank:

ABC TV. Big thanks especially go to Robert Hoge for recommending me, Kirk Docker and Aaron Smith on the day of filming, and Jess Cohen for the extensive chats on the phone. And congratulations to the stars of the show – Val, Belinda Downes, Ellen, Bradley Dowling, Kiara Higgins and Dean Clifford, and Jason and Camille for the tweets.

We both want to thank Hares and Hyenas for hosting us, Arts Access Victoria for the Auslan, and our lovely listeners for coming out!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Episode 29 - No, don't look it up on the Internet

In this episode. Jason and Carly overshare, they talk Wonder Woman and Jason starts a recipe HOTline. You'll laugh at their fashion mishaps, and roll your eyes at the first world problem. Also, we can't tell you what it is, but look it up on the Internet. (No, really, don't.)

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Show notes:

Jason's editing Carly's recording
It was lots of fun......

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Jackson and Levine supper club

Eddie Peefect on Braodway
Ellen from You Can't Ask That looking like Nina Proudman

The War on Waste

Clip on man bun

Carly's article on facial difference represented as evil in Wonder Woman

Angry feminists back stage

Moors Head pizza - three cheeses with nigella seeds and pickled onion

Spice roasted pumpkin, caramelised onions and tahini yogurt 

Custard caramel cake - tastes great but something got lost in translation !

Magda Szubanski's Instagram 

Monday, 22 May 2017

Episode 28 - Interview with Jacob Stella from And That's Jacob

In the episode Carly and Jason chat with Jacob Stella the incredible talent behind the YouTube channel And That's Jacob

We talk about being comfortable in your own skin Jason learns all about beauty privilege and Carly sets Jacob a task to fulfil her desire for eyelashes. 

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And That's Jacob Instagram

Our refreshment: Cardamom kisses

Show notes (not many and Jason did them anyway!) 

Megan is missing

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Episode 27- Eurovision, wind machines and a lack of Darren Hayes

In this episode Jason launches a full scale Eurovision conversion on Carly and ropes in some help from the team at Wind Machine Podcast - Danie Tregonning and Mark Perkins
Happy Eurovision!

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Wind Machine Podcast
Save a dog scheme
Cat protection society

Jason's gateway Eurovision song 2005 Belarus Angelica Agurbash - Love Me Tonight

Danie's gateway Eurovision song 2007 Sweden The Ark - The Worrying Kind

Mark's gateway Eurovision song 2007 Israel Teapacks - Push The Button

 Down the rabbit hole to 2003 Austria Alf Poier - Weil der Mensch zählt

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Episode 26 - My hotness will melt a cheesecake

In this quick episode, Jason and Carly talk about the live episode of You Can't Ask That, they discuss what they've been cooking and reading, and Carly's level of hotness will melt a cheesecake. 


Show notes

It's your last chance to come to our live episode of Refreshments Provided This Wednesday night - 3 May.  We are having a viewing party of You Can't Ask That, followed by a podcasted Q&A.

Details here. Come to Hares and Hyenas at 163 Johnson Street Fitzroy at 8.00 pm

For Tinder "My level of hotness will melt a cheesecake"

Jason's Japanese food

Lychee cocktails at Chocolate Buddha 

My Year of Living Danishly - Helen Russell 

Leap Year - Helen Russell 

The First Year - Genevieve Gannon

Down the Hume - Peter Polites 

The Wife Drought - Annabel Crabb 
Fighting Hislam - Susan Carland 

Facebook Live