Monday, 27 March 2017

Episode 23 - A bottle of wine, two gins and a cinzano

In this episode Jason talks books, Adam came in and was wearing a really great shirt, Carly changed Jason's toilet roll. Jason still doesn't tell the time he was Carly's knight in shining armour, and Carly talks about the difficulties with passing through Customs. The pair consider doing drunk eBay. 

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The refreshment was a mini ploughman's lunch.

Bread and butter pickles

Andy and Ben Eat Australia

Missing Richard Simmonds

Dylan Alcott fanboys over Carly

Bang On podcast

The Great Molasses Flood

Wil Anderson and Mia Freedman podcast

Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger


Merridy Eastman's There's a Bear in There

Osamh Sami's Good Muslim Boy

Two Fat Expats podcast

Travel Guides 

Episode 22 - podcasting over a glass of tipple - podcast love, New Kids on the Block and meditation

In this episode, Carly and Jason crack open a bottle of wine. Carly recalls her recent appearances on the ABC and BBC, Jason reveals he used to be a gym instructor, the pair discuss films and Carly breaks the news that there's a New Kids on the Block cruise show on Netflix. They become very animated. 

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Bob Evans and Julia Zemiro podcast

ABC Women's Day podcast

How to get verified on Twitter

Carly's BBC appearance

The dog with ichthyosis

BBC live cross like a boss child 

ABC Life Matters with Carly - groceries and bare chests in public

Be Somebody film 

Hidden Figures film

Hidden Figures book

Patriots Day film

Sharknado 4


Breath by Tim Winton

Diversity in young adult fiction

Borrow Box 

The Media and the Massacre 

Rock this Boat - NKOTB

Lindy West
 Yassmin Abdel Magied

 Headspace meditation app

Friday, 17 March 2017

Episode 21 - Equalitea, stolen plums and dick bics

Carly and Jason are back in Jason's kitchen following a recording with audio so bad even they wouldn't publish it.
They chat over a cup of tea about the Mardi Gras, some woodturning DIY, stealing fruit and when is it too soon to give a stranger a biscuit with genitals?

There is also a shout out to all our international listeners, hello Republic of Korea.

You can't be sure where the conversation will go but there will always be refreshments provided.

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Show Notes:

Coloured pencil wood turning
You and Me Equali-tea
Hurricane Bianca
Ru Paul What's the Tee with w/ Michelle Visage

Darren Hayes at the 2004 Mardi Gras
(It must be a low budget gig as none of the dancers can afford shirts)

Stolen plum cheesecake with figs (not stolen)

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Episode 20 - Reading list, vegetarian chicken nuggets and what to do with a giant zucchini

In this episode, Carly admits to not knowing who Michael Pope is, Jason has a zucchini bonanza, they talk about ethical meat, discuss the books they've read (so high brow!) and Jason reveals how high maintenance his facial hair is.

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Show notes

Michael Pope

Kids Love Balloons

John Deeks (speaking)

Guy slips with birthday cake on Studio 10 (Craig Bennett, not Jono Coleman)

Jason's mushroom pate

My Year Without Meat by Richard Cornish

Zucchini waffle


Gelato Messina peach sponge gelato

Without weekly barber

With weekly barber

Monday, 30 January 2017

Episode 19 - grieving over closed restaurants and kitchen gadgets

Our bonus episode - Carly and Jason talk about the sadness of when our fave restaurant closes, and favourite kitchen gadgets. 

Tell us if you've had a restaurant you loved but it closed. 

Tell us about your fave kitchen gadgets!

Carly got a new microwave!

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Episode 18 - Dummies, sexual deviants ball and was I supposed to be somewhere?

Episode 18

Jason and Carly almost forgot how to podcast. Jason forgot to turn up to the first recording of the year. But just like riding a bicycle, they're back on the road. Carly baked and Jason reveals he's not a fan of dummies. The pair reminisce on their final year exams - so long ago. And Carly speaks about the fun she had at the sexual deviants ball in second year Uni. 

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Carly baked!

Carly standing next to Barack Obama

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Episode 17 - Happy New Year, kale juice and self loathing

Jason makes a kale juice that is surprisingly delicious, and the pair discuss New Years resolutions. This episode definitely isn't about self loathing. 

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Duos who don't talk anymore :

Susan Kennedy 

Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be yeah

Betty White dyes at home. 
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