Monday 30 January 2017

Episode 19 - grieving over closed restaurants and kitchen gadgets

Our bonus episode - Carly and Jason talk about the sadness of when our fave restaurant closes, and favourite kitchen gadgets. 

Tell us if you've had a restaurant you loved but it closed. 

Tell us about your fave kitchen gadgets!

Carly got a new microwave!

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Episode 18 - Dummies, sexual deviants ball and was I supposed to be somewhere?

Episode 18

Jason and Carly almost forgot how to podcast. Jason forgot to turn up to the first recording of the year. But just like riding a bicycle, they're back on the road. Carly baked and Jason reveals he's not a fan of dummies. The pair reminisce on their final year exams - so long ago. And Carly speaks about the fun she had at the sexual deviants ball in second year Uni. 

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Carly baked!

Carly standing next to Barack Obama

Saturday 21 January 2017

Episode 17 - Happy New Year, kale juice and self loathing

Jason makes a kale juice that is surprisingly delicious, and the pair discuss New Years resolutions. This episode definitely isn't about self loathing. 

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Duos who don't talk anymore :

Susan Kennedy 

Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be yeah

Betty White dyes at home. 
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