Monday 28 November 2016

Episode 12 - Let them eat cake

In this episode, we ate three different cakes. It was our fave episode ever. We keep this so lighthearted we don't need to issue the any crisis line numbers.

Thank you to all of our listeners for the chats on the sosh! 

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Show notes

Carly's friend Jo's dress (made from milk bottles)

The meat dress at the Art and Industry fashion parade (Image by Paige Prendergast)

Ginger cake This is the same recipe Jason used from The Best Recipes from The Weekly but he added some chocolate ganache

So dense, so good!

Wannabe at Carly's wedding

1997 Arias - when Darren Hayes got his haircut 

Monday 21 November 2016

Episode 11 - Bone broth, knights in shining armour and what do you mean you don't like icing?

Carly and Jason record from the steps of the Convention Centre. They spotted Knights, Jason hated Carly's joke, Jason was cheered for making a grand statement, they discuss bad grammar and Carly actually baked. She drops a bombshell, too. 

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Show notes

Adam's Handy Hands - for all your tool needs


Cheer Up Charlie (to ruin a fabulous movie)

Megan from Felicity 

The apron 

(Not Jason's) butterscotch cake

The wedding cake 

Monday 14 November 2016

Episode 10 - Carly's honeymoon foodie extravaganza: butter beer, meat fruit and frogs legs

This episode is a food tour of Carly's European honeymoon. It's as good as being there.

Listen to the episode here

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Show notes

Thai airways meals

Butter beer at Harry Potter Museum - London

Dinner by Heston - London

Camembert salad at Le Relais Brasserie in Paris

Frogs legs at Restaurant Rina in Nice

Tripe at Casa Toscana in Florence

Pasta and tiramisu making at Florencetown cooking school