Thursday 3 August 2017

Episode 33 - wine with Bob Evans part one

This week we chat to ARIA Award winner Bob Evans (Kevin Mitchell from Jebediah).

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It was a very animated chat - we covered music, kids, intrusive questions, Kevin's recent Japan trip  including a wonderful story about a wedding party, and Kevin's mantra of embracing the positive.

We're so thankful for Kevin's time.

You can find out more about Bob Evans on his website,  Facebook, Twitter, and listen to his very entertaining podcast on iTunes or his website.

Just as expected, it starts with us talking about Darren Hayes.

iTunes Button (via

When Daniel Jones left the band.

When Kevin played at Carly's wedding:

Carly's guided trip to San Francisco by Darren Hayes

Bellarine Peninsula 

Workers Club Geelong

Trolls soundtrack 

Moana soundtrack

Adam Liaw rice balls 

Carly lecturing at Uni, encountering rude questions

Carly's mum meeting Julia Zemiro

Beatles tribute concert featuring Bob Evans

Richard Linklater 

Before sunrise

Before sunset 

Before midnight

Club Wonder in Japan 
Carly's Mum's outfit from LA Gap

Adam Hills live recording

Carly meeting Georgia Love from The Bachelorette

This is part one of our chat. Listen to part two here.

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