Saturday 24 December 2016

Episode 16 - Christmas Day special

Refreshments provided Christmas 

Jason and Carly talk Christmas Day traditions, eat a feast and sing carols. As always, the bonbon is the joke. 

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Show notes

David tenant with beard
Am I right Ladies and Gents?
Jason's Birthday Breakfast

Carly's herb garden gift

Monday 19 December 2016

Episode 15 - Laughter and Nico and Bear Cakes oh my!

In this episode, the pair feast on Lux Bite cakes, they are hit with Nico Tortorella's Love Bomb (Josh from Younger) and Jason didn't even laugh at Carly's joke, so it's business as usual.

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Show notes

Cake from Lux Bite

Chef's Table deconstructed dessert 

Pic of Nico Tortorella (Josh from Younger) shirtless

Yes Carly, Jason is a twin for Tim Minchin....well maybe upside down Miss Jane???

Monday 12 December 2016

Episode 14 - Birthday extravaganza

Episode 14

A birthday extravaganza

Carly is showered in gifts and receives a cake as she turns another year older. They also discuss pet deaths and voyeuristic TV.
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Show notes

The cheese "cake"

Jason's couch 
Fully assembled my arse....

Did someone have sex on the couch??

I've got idea how to use them!

Stirrup chair 
Fifty shades of giddy up!

Chicken tribute 
RIP Marilyn (centre..oh and Flo right)
The other 2 are still alive and 3rd not pictured!!

Monday 28 November 2016

Episode 12 - Let them eat cake

In this episode, we ate three different cakes. It was our fave episode ever. We keep this so lighthearted we don't need to issue the any crisis line numbers.

Thank you to all of our listeners for the chats on the sosh! 

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Show notes

Carly's friend Jo's dress (made from milk bottles)

The meat dress at the Art and Industry fashion parade (Image by Paige Prendergast)

Ginger cake This is the same recipe Jason used from The Best Recipes from The Weekly but he added some chocolate ganache

So dense, so good!

Wannabe at Carly's wedding

1997 Arias - when Darren Hayes got his haircut