Monday 19 June 2017

Episode 30 - Live episode and You Can't Ask That

This is our live episode! We had so much fun! Thanks to the people who came to Hares and Hyenas to watch You Can't Ask That and to watch the live podcast. We had Auslan interpreters thanks to Arts Access Victoria. A lot of laughs were had. Also, isn't this the best public toilet in Melbourne?!

In this episode, Jason asks Carly what her vagina looks like, Carly's mum chats about raising Carly, and Ellen also talks about her experience on the show.

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You Can't Ask That - facial differences episode

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Robert Hoge

Article from Daily Life about You Can't Ask That

Demure scandal pictures from Border Mail

Jason's disaster cheesecake 

Arts Access Victoria

Ellen hated 50 Shades of Grey

Carly wants to thank:

ABC TV. Big thanks especially go to Robert Hoge for recommending me, Kirk Docker and Aaron Smith on the day of filming, and Jess Cohen for the extensive chats on the phone. And congratulations to the stars of the show – Val, Belinda Downes, Ellen, Bradley Dowling, Kiara Higgins and Dean Clifford, and Jason and Camille for the tweets.

We both want to thank Hares and Hyenas for hosting us, Arts Access Victoria for the Auslan, and our lovely listeners for coming out!

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