Saturday 16 September 2017

Episode 36 It's a Yes for Marriage Equality

This episode is all about marriage equality so we open the mic to our listeners for their opinions and Jason calls his dad.

You can't be sure where the conversation will go but there should always be equality.....and refreshments provided! 
A huge thank you to our listeners who shared their stories 

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Show notes: 

Love does not discriminate
Love can happen to anyone 
                                   - Somewhere in Europe by Nikke Allen 

Jason was such the perfect groomsman that Carly is desperate to be his bridesmaid (groomsmaid??)

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Message from a listener :
"Hi Carly and Jason,

Noticed your request for soundbites about marriage equality. My partner and I are not out so I can't send you my voice, but if you're interested feel free to check out my statement below.

Love your advocacy work. thanks so much for being who you are and doing what you do. I've learnt heaps from you.

What marriage equality means to me:

Until not long ago I saw myself as a straight ally to the LGBTIQA community. While I never felt strictly straight, I enjoyed plenty of hetero-privilege on account of being a woman married to man. We have two kids, life in the 'burbs, the works.

Then my spouse realised they are in fact a trans woman.

When one person in an established, long term relationship realizes they're trans, it can obviously be a game changer for the relationship. Luckily for me, my partner is an amazing, beautiful person who loves me with all their heart; they are the least selfish person I know, who has shown me an unconditional love I didn't even know existed. Luckily for them, I'm a left-y feminist with very little attachment to prescribed gender roles. After the initial shock of their coming out (and it was a huge shock) had worn off, I realised that the things I cherish most about my spouse and our relationship have no relation whatsoever to them being masculine. We're together, and intend on staying that way.

Yet I remain wracked with anxiety. To the point where I'm struggling to parent, to work, and to generally get out of bed in the morning. The reason I feel like this is because we live in a homophobic and transphobic society. I can honestly say, that if society was cool with queer couples and trans people, then my spouse's transition would pose very little issue for me.

My husband becoming my wife is not an issue - in fact, I'm looking forward to a happier, healthier spouse - the problem is bigotry. The marriage equality "debate" is bringing that bigotry to my newsfeed every day. The things they're saying about our children are the most difficult to hear. The knowledge that our children will one day hear those things about their family has me in tears just writing this.

If marriage equality doesn't pass, and my spouse changes their gender on their birth certificate to reflect the reality that they're a woman, then we will have to get divorced. That's right Tony, by not legalizing SSM you're FORCING the biological parents of existing children to GET DIVORCED.

I realise our situation is in the minority within the LGBTIQA community. I realise we already have a huge amount of privilege on account of being white and middle class. At the same time, trans issues are not really being heard in the debate, and I wanted to make sure a few got heard."

"I think that it should've been solved by a free vote in parliament but since that can't happen because of stupid politics, I think everyone should just vote yes. For many many reasons – whether you're progressive or conservative. For me the issue is personal – I have friends and family who would love to get legally married but can't because of the current situation. It sucks. I think it's stupid that an opposite sex relationship (e.g. Self and boyfriend) is recognised more than a same-sex one (if my partner was a woman). 😡

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