Tuesday 2 May 2017

Episode 26 - My hotness will melt a cheesecake

In this quick episode, Jason and Carly talk about the live episode of You Can't Ask That, they discuss what they've been cooking and reading, and Carly's level of hotness will melt a cheesecake. 


Show notes

It's your last chance to come to our live episode of Refreshments Provided This Wednesday night - 3 May.  We are having a viewing party of You Can't Ask That, followed by a podcasted Q&A.

Details here. Come to Hares and Hyenas at 163 Johnson Street Fitzroy at 8.00 pm

For Tinder "My level of hotness will melt a cheesecake"

Jason's Japanese food

Lychee cocktails at Chocolate Buddha 

My Year of Living Danishly - Helen Russell 

Leap Year - Helen Russell 

The First Year - Genevieve Gannon

Down the Hume - Peter Polites 

The Wife Drought - Annabel Crabb 
Fighting Hislam - Susan Carland 

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