Wednesday 5 April 2017

Episode 24 - Knights, side kicks and an almost day of reckoning

We've got new microphones! Don't we sound beautiful! Jason finally talks about being Carly's Knight in shining armour, he stuck some love on some hate, and Carly admits to Jason being her front and centre sidekick. Also, Carly has Magda on hold at the library - finally. Which was an anticlimax, because she can't listen to it until 29 July. We also give a shoutout to our listeners.

We'll be hosting a live recording of Refreshments Provided on the night of 3 May. 

I’m excited to be featured on You Can’t Ask That on ABC TV!
You Can’t Ask That asks groups of misunderstood, judged or marginalised Australians the awkward, inappropriate or uncomfortable questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to, but have always been too afraid to ask.

Carly's episode features people with facial differences.

Carly wanted to run this screening so she won’t be alone when I’m watching it. You will need to buy a ticket to attend. 
Where: Hares and Hyenas 63 Johnston St Fitzroy 3065.
Time: 8.00 pm for an 8.30 pm screening.
Click here to book a ticket.
Waged: $10
Unwaged/low wage: $5

The refreshment was Beetroot dip. 

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