Monday 27 March 2017

Episode 22 - podcasting over a glass of tipple - podcast love, New Kids on the Block and meditation

In this episode, Carly and Jason crack open a bottle of wine. Carly recalls her recent appearances on the ABC and BBC, Jason reveals he used to be a gym instructor, the pair discuss films and Carly breaks the news that there's a New Kids on the Block cruise show on Netflix. They become very animated. 

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Bob Evans and Julia Zemiro podcast

ABC Women's Day podcast

How to get verified on Twitter

Carly's BBC appearance

The dog with ichthyosis

BBC live cross like a boss child 

ABC Life Matters with Carly - groceries and bare chests in public

Be Somebody film 

Hidden Figures film

Hidden Figures book

Patriots Day film

Sharknado 4


Breath by Tim Winton

Diversity in young adult fiction

Borrow Box 

The Media and the Massacre 

Rock this Boat - NKOTB

Lindy West
 Yassmin Abdel Magied

 Headspace meditation app

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